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Nurses Jobs in PIMS Islamabad

Head Nurses Jobs in PIMS Islamabad

Grade: BS-17

Job Duties:

i) Will be employed as Head Nurse and will hold the staff position for management of concerned


ii) Will work under the Nursing Superintendent BPS-18

iii) Will assist Nursing Superintendent to plan, direct, conduct and coordinate in service areas

indoor, critical areas and EAC.


Eligibilty: Both male and female candidates are eligible

Any relaxation, whether in Minimum or Maximum age limits.

five (5) years general relaxation

Min Age: 22

Max Age: 30

Qualification/Experience required:

(i) Bachelors Degree in Nursing or equivalent qualification recognized by the Pakistan Nursing



Closing Date: 18-OCT-10

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Eid ul Adha Mubarak

Eid Ul Azha Mubarak,
Eid Ul Adha Mubarak

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Nursing jobs in Pakistan are also often hindered due to the old nursing training system. A new system of nursing education has been set up in Pakistan. The Higher Education Commission has been entitled with the job of improving the standards of prevailing nursing education system. Also, under the aegis of the Board, a post graduate course in Nursing will be started. Many unemployed nurses will be entitled to government scholarships for pursuing higher education in Nursing. Also, in view of improving the health care system the Government has decided to refurbish the primary and secondary health services first. As a result a large number of professional nurses are required here. There are approximately 30,000 nurses employed in Pakistan which is far less than the requirement of the country. The following information will give you a clearer perspective for nursing jobs in Pakistan.

Posts offered:

Pediatric Nurses
Classified Nurses
General ward Nurses
Specialized Nurses
Gynecology Nurse
Critical Care Nurses

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Nursing Education from a recognized University in Pakistan or abroad. Also, should have done her specialization in Pediatrics/cardiac/ orthopedic or other categories.

Work Experience: Usually due to lack of nurses, fresh graduates are appointed. However, for government or private hospitals and nursing homes in the city, experienced and professional nurses are given preference.

Working Hours: The working hours are not specified by the hospitals and nursing homes.

Pay Scale: Salary for nursing jobs in Pakistan is not specified in most cases.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


• Population of Pakistan              160, 000, 000
• Number of Doctors                   118, 160
• Number of Nurses                     33, 427
• Population per Doctor               1 : 1310
• Population per Nurse                1 : 4636
• Nurse per Doctor                      1 : 5
• Nurse Teacher per Student       1 : 23
(Source: Pakistan Economic Survey 2005-2006)

PNC Prescribed Ratios
• Nurse patient                 3 :10 (1 reliever) General area
• Nurse patient                 2:1 (Critical area)
• Teacher Student            2:25 for diploma program
• Teacher Student            1:1 for post-basic level (Subject wise)

Number of Registered Nurses
2000                          2005
37,528                       51,270

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What is Pakistan Nursing Council (PNC)?
The PNC is an autonomous, regulatory body constituted under the Pakistan Nursing Council Act (1952, 1973) and empowered to register (license) Nurses, Midwives, Lady Health Visitors (LHVs) and Nursing Auxiliaries to practice in Pakistan. PNC was established in 1948.

What are the functions of the PNC?
PNC sets the curriculum for the education of Nurses, Midwives, LHVs and Nursing Auxiliaries.
PNC inspects educational institutions for approval based on established standards
PNC provides registration (license) to practice.
PNC maintains standards of education and practice.
PNC works closely with the four provincial Nursing Examination Boards (NEBs).
PNC plays and advisory role for the overall benefit of Nurses, Midwives, LHVs and Nursing Auxiliaries in the country.
PNC maintains an advisory role for the Federal and Provincial Government regarding nursing education and nursing services.
PNC communicates policy decisions regarding nursing education and the welfare of nurses, taken in Council meetings, to Governments, Nursing Institutions, NEBs and Armed Forces Nursing Services for implementation.
PNC prescribes penalties for fraudulent registration by intention of pretense, and removes persons from the Register for professional misconduct.

How is the PNC Organized?
The PNC consists the President, Vice President, Registrar and Members.
The President through Election
The Vice President through election

Who are the Council Members?
The PNC consists of Ex-Officio, Regular and Co-opted Members and Observers.

When PNC meetings are take place?
The PNC meetings take place twice a year, usually in May and November.

How is the PNC financed?
The PNC is financed through fees by the PNC, as given below:

Registration Fee
Renewal Fee
Verification Fee
Application of New Institution Fee
Recognition of the Institution Fee
Annual Fee
Affiliation Fee

Where is the PNC office?
Pakistan Nursing Council, National Institute of Health, Chak Shehzad, Islamabad.

PNC Office Working Hours
Monday to Saturday from 0800 to 1500 hours.
Friday 0800 to 1200 noon.

PNC has changed Registration System in order to assure accuracy in registration and record keeping. This system will enable PNC to better fulfil its role as the regulatory body for nurses, midwives, LHVs and auxiliaries in Pakistan. The data accumulated by this system will contribute towards human resource planning and development in the health sector in general and particularly for Nursing, LHVs, and Midwifery.
Since 2003 PNC is using new forms described in this leaflet to register graduates from Schools of Nursing, Midwifery, Public Health and others. The same form will be used for renewal of registration of all persons already registered with the PNC under the previous system, and for acknowledgement of post-basic courses studied in Colleges of Nursing and others.
The Registration Card which will identify the nurse, LHV, Midwifery and/or auxiliary to the employer and public as a properly prepared health professional. The Card will indicate both the basic and post-basic education in Nurse, LHV, and Midwife of the registrant.
PNC welcomes your comments and suggestions regarding its new registration system, hopes you will find it efficient and useful.

Important Information:
It will take 6 weeks for processing of your form/payment and delivery of your Registration Card.
All incomplete forms and payment will be returned to you.
All payments must be made by bank draft or pay order – No cash payment will be accepted.

Remember to:
Answer all appropriate questions on the front and back of the form.
Sign the form on the back where it says ‘Applicant’s Signature’
Attach PNC original registration cards received from PNC.
Attach a photocopy of all legal documents NIC, Domicile, Matric, diplomas etc.
Enclose one black and white photograph, 3.5 x 4 cm.
Enclose the correct payment in bank draft or pay order. Cash will not be accepted under any circumstances.

When filling the form:
Section 1: Complete all personal information. Enclose a photocopy of any legal documents supporting a change of name:
Section 2: Write your present address and permanent address with full detail.
Section 3: Indicate if you are already registered with PNC. Give PNC Registration numbers where indicated, according to the qualification(s) under which you were previously registered.
Section 4: Mark the qualification(s) for which you are applying for registration.
Section 5: Indicate the Nursing Examination Board (NEB) for which you have qualified.
Section 6: Write General Academic Qualification Record with passing year, Institution and name of Board/University.
Section 7: Write your professional qualification (s) you are registering for, give the date you started and finished with the name of Institution where you studied.
Section 8: If you are registering a speciality, give the title of the speciality where it says ‘Specify’.
Section 9: Indicate if you are currently employed.
Section 10: Indicate if your present employment is with Government, Private, Semi-Private (or Semi-Autonomous), Armed Forces or an NGO or combination of the above. And also write your current employer. Give name(s) and address (es) of the Institution(s) (e.g. hospital, clinic etc.) or employer (s) where you are presently working.
Section 11: (Signatures): The registration form must be ‘Certified’ only if you are requesting a registration FOR THE FIRST TIME. Renewal of registrations DOES NOT have to be certified. Sign and date the form. Please note that your signature as you sign it on this form will appear on your Registration Card. Sign only inside the box without touching the lines.

Muhammad Qasim